Don Agro: Quadrupled organic wheat acreage

A wheat farm in Germany. Photo by Raphael Rychetsky on UnsplashA wheat farm in Germany. Photo by Raphael Rychetsky on Unsplash

Don Agro International said Tuesday it has quadrupled the planted acreage for organic wheat cultivation to 44 hectares, up from 11 hectares in the pilot project in 2020.

The company began growing organic wheat as part of its environmental, social and governance (ESG) goal to produce a more environmentally friendly crop, Don Agro said in a filing to SGX.

“We are satisfied with the yields of organic wheat that we harvested last year and we will continue to explore the growth potential of organic wheat. In accordance with the requirements for certified organic produce, we do not apply mineral fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides to the land. The growth of weeds is controlled by harrowing which involves the physical uprooting of weeds,” Ivan Kalaytanov, chief agronomist at the company, said in the statement.

“In two years, we will be able to obtain an official organic certification of our wheat,” he said.

Don Agro said it also increased its winter wheat acreage to 25,157 hectares from 24,032 hectares previously amid rising demand for grain globally.

The company is expected a record harvest in 2022 due to the larger planted area and the trend in growing yields, the filing said.

In 2021, a significant part of the harvest for this year was sold at the beginning of 2022, when wheat prices hit a 14-year high, indicating the company will perform well in 2022 amid rising wheat prices and higher crop yield, Don Agro said.