Stake changes: AEM and Temasek

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Singapore substantial shareholder changes: AEM Holdings and Temasek Holdings.

AEM Holdings and Temasek Holdings

Venezio Investments, an indirect subsidiary of Singapore state-owned investment company Temasek Holdings, acquired 403,100 shares of AEM Holdings in the market on 12 April for S$1.93 million, according to a filing to SGX Thursday. 

That boosted Venezio’s direct interest in AEM to 12.08 percent from 11.95 percent, the filing said.

Temasek also has a deemed interest in a 0.263 percent stake held by subsidiary SeaTown, according to an 11 April filing to SGX.

AEM’s products include customized, application-specific semiconductor and electronics test and handling services for companies serving the advanced computing, 5G, and AI markets, the statement said. The company’s manufacturing plants are located Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Finland and Vietnam.

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