SG briefs: ESR-REIT, ALOG, Singlife, United Hampshire US REIT, Mermaid Maritime

ESR-REIT property near Singapore’s Tai Seng MRTESR-REIT property near Singapore’s Tai Seng MRT

Singapore company briefs: Singlife with Aviva, Mermaid Maritime PCL, ESR-REIT, ARA LOGOS Logistics Trust (ALOG), United Hampshire US REIT and Incredible Holdings.

ESR-REIT and ARA LOGOS Logistics Trust

ESR-REIT said Tuesday that assuming the Singapore court approves its merger with ARA LOGOS Logistics Trust (ALOG) at the court hearing on 18 April, the last expected day of trading for ALOG’s units will be 19 April. 

Singlife with Aviva

Singlife with Aviva said Tuesday it has tapped European sustainability data provider Matter to provide an overview of the insurer’s sustainability performance. 

“Monitoring, mitigating and disclosing various environmental risks in our investments is a complex task, requiring transparent data and precise analyses. Matter’s platform helps us gain some of these insights in a fast and transparent way. We see a big potential to enable ESG reporting in more of our services,” Kim Rosenkilde, group chief investment officer of Singlife, said in a statement filed to SGX.

Mermaid Maritime PCL

Mermaid Maritime PCL has entered an agreement to borrow up to US$4 million from Thoresen Thai Agencies for working capital, the subsea and offshore drilling services company said in a filing to SGX Tuesday.

Thoresen Thai Agencies holds 49.53 percent of Mermaid Maritime, making it a controlling shareholder and the transaction an interested person transaction, the filing said.

United Hampshire US REIT

United Hampshire US REIT said Tuesday it has provided the potential acquirer of two self-storage properties a fourth extension of time to complete due diligence to 18 April. 

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Incredible Holdings

Incredible Holdings said Tuesday it has completed the acquisition of 42 percent of Golden Ultra from Christian Kwok-Leun Yau Heilesen, who holds the remainder of Golden Ultra.


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