Stake changes: AEM, Temasek, Tung Lok Restaurants, QT Vascular

Singapore one-dollar bill, showing satellite dishSingapore one-dollar bill, showing satellite dish

Singapore substantial shareholder changes: AEM Holdings, Temasek Holdings, Tung Lok Restaurants and QT Vascular.

AEM Holdings and Temasek Holdings

Singapore state-owned investment company Temasek Holdings saw its deemed interest in AEM Holdings rise to 12.03 percent from 11.91 percent after indirect subsidiary Venezio Investments acquired 344,100 shares in the market for S$1.63 million, according to a filing to SGX Monday.

AEM’s products include customized, application-specific semiconductor and electronics test and handling services for companies serving the advanced computing, 5G, and AI markets, the statement said. The company’s manufacturing plants are located Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Finland and Vietnam.

Tung Lok Restaurants

Andre Tanoto ceased to be a substantial shareholder of Tung Lok Restaurants on Monday, with his deemed interest in 20.3 million shares, or a 7.398 percent stake, falling to zero after he sold all of Antica Bay, the direct holder of the shares, to Ambrosius Holdings for S$1, according to a filing to SGX Monday. Antica Bay was a sub-account of Antica Capital.

The transaction made Ambrosius Holdings, and its sole shareholder, Anthony Bingei, substantial shareholders with a 7.398 percent deemed interest, according to a separate filing to SGX.

The attorney filing Ambrosius Holdings’ statement to SGX, and Antica Capital did not immediately return Shenton Wire’s emailed requests for comment, which were sent after office hours.

QT Vascular

Gian Siong Lin Jimmy became a substantial shareholder of QT Vascular as he expects to acquire 140 million shares for S$980,000 in an off-market transaction from certain shareholders, according to a filing to SGX Monday. The purchase agreement was made on Monday, but Gian has not yet received the shares, with the deal pending payment and transfer, the filing said. 

The 140 million shares represent a 2.03 percent stake in QT Vascular, the filing said. Gian, who is the chief operating officer for dental at QT Vascular, already held 278.98 million shares, or a 4.05 percent stake and the deal will bring his total holding to 6.08 percent, the filing said.

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