SGX March securities market turnover value dropped 8 percent

SGX building signage in SingaporeSGX building signage in Singapore

Singapore Exchange (SGX) reported Monday its total securities market turnover for March was S$35.74 billion, down 8 percent on-year, while volume dropped 29 percent on-year to 38.1 billion shares. 

For the January-to-March period, total market turnover by value was S$90.70 billion, compared with S$72.08 billion in the October-to-December period, SGX said in its market statistics report. The year-earlier quarterly figures weren’t provided in the report. 

For derivatives, the daily average volume (DAV) for March came in at 1.17 million contracts, the highest in two years, up 13 percent from the year-ago month’s 1.03 million, and from 1.06 million in February, the report said.

Total traded volume of derivatives in March was 26.33 million, up 14 percent on-year from 23.17 million and up from 18.6 million in February, SGX said.

The SGX FTSE China A50 Index futures, which the exchange said is the most liquid international contract for Chinese equities, posted volume of 11.1 million contracts in March, up 17 percent from the year-earlier month and up 57 percent from February. 

The SGX USD/CNH futures traded volume was 1.2 million contracts in March, up 8 percent from March 2021, and 48 percent from February, the report said. 

SGX attributed the increase to its multi-asset products for managing portfolio risk in Asian markets, including China. 

The total foreign exchange futures volume came in at 2.83 million contracts in March, down 2 percent from March 2021, but up 34 percent from February, SGX said. 

“The Russia-Ukraine conflict fanned risk aversion, bolstering hedging activity in currency markets,” SGX said.

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