Marco Polo Marine and Seatech to co-develop vessels to support offshore wind farms

The Rampion Offshore Wind Farm in the U.K. Photo by Nicholas Doherty on UnsplashThe Rampion Offshore Wind Farm in the U.K. Photo by Nicholas Doherty on Unsplash

Marco Polo Marine, together with green-tech ship-design company Seatech Solutions International (S), will co-develop two new specialised offshore wind service, operation and maintenance vessels, the Singapore-listed company said in a filing to SGX Wednesday. 

Targeting the global offshore wind farm market, the vessels will be designed with green features, including hybrid battery-based energy storage systems, aiming to reduce carbon emissions by up to 15 percent to 20 percent, Marco Polo said. 

The vessels will be called the MP S80-20 Service Operation Vessel (SOV), which will be drone-equipped, and the S83-21 Commissioning Service Operation Vessel (CSOV), the filing said. 

The SOV and CSOV can accommodate up to 60 persons and 110 persons, respectively, the filing said.

The SOV functions as a “mother ship” for wind-turbine technicians performing maintenance and service work at offshore wind farms, while the CSOV will support commissioning works during construction and during maintenance operations, Marco Polo said. 

Sean Lee, CEO of Marco Polo Marine, said in the statement: : “Essentially, the SOV and CSOV represent a milestone and a giant leap forward for the offshore maritime industry, as it transitions to fuels with a lower or minimal carbon footprint. This project brings together different industry players with aligned values to cut greenhouse gas emissions, which dovetails with global and Singapore government initiatives to combat climate change.”


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