Stake changes: Olam, Temasek, Parkway Life REIT, Cohen & Steers, Metech

Coffee beans. Photo by Nathan Dumlao on UnsplashCoffee beans. Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Singapore substantial shareholder changes: Olam International, Temasek Holdings, Parkway Life REIT, Cohen & Steers and Metech International. 

Olam International and Temasek Holdings

Singapore state-owned investment company Temasek Holdings saw its deemed interest in Olam International fall to 51.75 percent from 53.05 percent due to dilution after the issuance of 90.24 million new Olam shares under its employee share awards programs on 4 March, according to a filing to SGX Tuesday. 

There was no change in the number of shares Temasek is deemed interested in, the filing said.

Parkway Life REIT

Cohen & Steers Capital Management’s and Cohen & Steers Asia’s deemed interest in Parkway Life REIT increased to 7.01 percent from 6.99 percent previously after the acquisition of 53,200 units in the marekt at S$4.63 each for a total S$246,316 in a market transaction on 4 March, according to a filing to SGX Tuesday.

Cohen & Steers Capital Management and Cohen & Steers Asia are not the registered holders of any Parkway Life REIT units, the filing said.

Cohen & Steers is a global investment manager specializing in real assets and alternative income, with assets under management (AUM) of US$106.6 billion at end-December 2021.

Metech International

Simon Eng, a substantial shareholder of Metech International who resigned as chairman and CEO in 2020, acquired 81,200 shares of the company for S$15,995 in a market transaction on 4 March, taking his total interest to 15.865 percent from 15.811 percent previously, according to a filing to SGX Tuesday.

On 7 March, Eng acquired 272,100 shares in the market for S$52,992, taking his interest to 16.045 percent, the filing said.