SG briefs: Keppel Land, Shinvest Holding

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Singapore company briefs: Keppel Land and Shinvest Holding.

Keppel Land

Keppel Land, which is wholly owned by Keppel Corp., reported Friday its 2021 net profit was S$771.17 million, up from S$368.05 million in 2020, on revenue of S$1.62 billion, up from S$1.28 billion in 2020.

Read Keppel Land’s filing to SGX.

Shinvest Holding

The takeover offer for Shinvest Holding has become unconditional and the closing date has been extended to 13 April, according to a filing to SGX from the offeror Friday. 

VTTSG Holding has offered S$3.50 a share in cash for the company, which had been conditional on the offeror and concert parties holding more than 50 percent of Shinvest’s shares. On Friday, the offeror said it owned, controlled or had agreed to acquire 55.37 percent of Shinvest’s shares. 

VTTSG Holding is owned by the Teo Family Group, which includes four company directors who are substantial Shinvest shareholders.

Read the offeror’s filing to SGX.

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