SG briefs: Keppel DC REIT and ARA LOGOS Logistics Trust

Singapore one-dollar bill, showing satellite dishSingapore one-dollar bill, showing satellite dish

Singapore company briefs: Keppel DC REIT and ARA LOGOS Logistics Trust. 

Keppel DC REIT

Keppel DC REIT said Wednesday it has completed the acquisition of the London Data Centre in Bracknell, located in the U.K.’s Greater London urban area. 

Read more: Keppel DC REIT to acquire Greater London data center for around S$106M

ARA LOGOS Logistics Trust

ARA LOGOS Logistics Trust said Tuesday it has completed the acquisition of the development asset at Corner Heron Drive and Curlew Street, Port of Brisbane, Queensland, in Australia, using external bank borrowings. The property is to be called 21 Curlew Street, Port of Brisbane, or the Heron Property, the trust said in a filing to SGX. 

The Heron Property, a temperature-controlled warehouse and freezer facility, is fully leased to Teys Australia on an initial 20-year lease term beginning in December 2021, the filing said. 

The deal’s completion brings ALOG’s portfolio to 30 logistics warehouse properties in Singapore and
Australia as well as fund investments of 49.5 percent in the New LAIVS Trust and 40.0 percent in the Oxford
Property Fund, the filing said.



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