Stake changes: Chip Eng Seng, SHS Holdings, A-Sonic Aerospace

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Singapore substantial shareholder changes: Chip Eng Seng, SHS Holdings and A-Sonic Aerospace.

Chip Eng Seng

Tycoon Tang Yigang @ Gordon Tang acquired 6.10 million shares at S$0.42 each, or a total S$2.56 million, on 6 January and 97,300 shares of Chip Eng Seng for S$0.42 a share, or a total S$40,866 on 7 January, according to a filings to SGX Monday.

Most of the shares are jointly held with spouse Chen Huaidan @ Celine Tang, but she is also deemed interested in the 7.6 million shares he holds in his personal account, the filing said.

The share buys took their total interest to 38.04 percent from 37.25 percent previously, the filings said.

Celine Tang is Chip Eng Seng’s non-executive chairman and a non-independent non-executive director. She is also the managing director of SingHaiyi Group.

SHS Holdings

Teng Choon Kiat, the executive chairman of SHS Holdings, disposed of 1.85 million shares at S$0.155 each for a total of S$286,750 on 7 January in a market transation, taking his interest to 28.24 percent from 28.37 percent previously, according to a filing to SGX Monday.

A-Sonic Aerospace

Janet LC Tan, founder and CEO of A-Sonic Aerospace, acquired 26,100 of the company’s warrants in the market on 7 January at S$0.51674 each, or a total S$13,487, according to a filing to SGX Monday. That raised her total holding of warrants to around 8.45 million, up from around 8.42 million, representing an underlying equal number of shares of the company, the filing said.



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