Chemical Industries (Far East) alleges former employee, who is the managing director’s grandson, disrupted website

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Chemical Industries (Far East) alleged Monday its former general manager, Benjamin Lin, who is the grandson of the managing director, has disrupted the company’s use of the domain name and the company is taking legal action to regain access, including proceedings under the Singapore Domain Name Resolution Policy.

At the time of publication, the website was showing a selection of painted miniatures. 

In a filing to SGX, the company said Lin assisted in setting up and registering the domain name in 2013 on behalf of Chemical Industries (Far East), and alleged Lin took steps on 8 January to disrupt the company’s access to and use of the domain name.

Benjamin Lin, in a statement provided to Shenton Wire, said:

“Since I joined the company in 2012, the MD, who is my grandfather, was not interested in hosting a website, but I felt that it was an appropriate step to take. He refused to pay for expensive website creation; I purchased the domain and learned the CSS coding to build the website. In return for this, he would pay for my fees of domain renewal and hosting, but it was clear I would own the domain. Since my termination, I didn’t feel it was appropriate for them to continue using my domain so I gave them due notice to remove their files and services.

The company is now using its resources to hire lawyers and threaten me with letter of demand and suing me in court.

Seeing as I no longer have any regular income, my part-time ambitions will have to provide for my family and I. Commissioned miniature painting is something I have done in my personal capacity but has now become my primary source of income.”

On Monday, Chemical Industries (Far East) said the disruption to the domain name has meant emails sent to have not been reaching their intended recipients, and the company has set up the address.

“Steps have been taken to promptly inform the company’s customers, suppliers and external parties who deal with the company of this change and that the previous domain name ‘’ is currently not in use by the company,” the filing said.

Shenton Wire contacted the Vodien domain registry and confirmed the domain was registered to Benjamin Lin and had not changed hands recently.

In September 2021, in response to a query from SGX, the company stated the reason for the cessation of Lin: “The managing director (MD) of the company, Mr. Lim Soo Peng, had decided to terminate Mr. Benjamin Lin’s employment as general manager (GM) as he was dissatisfied with the GM’s performance and was no longer able to continue to work with him.”

Benjamin Lin is the managing director’s grandson.

Singapore-based Chemical Industries (Far East) is a manufacturer of chlorine, caustic soda and other chlor-alkaline products, supplying basic chemicals to the petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics and water-treatment industries.

A screenshot of the Chemical Industries (Far East)'s website after alleged interference.

A screenshot of the Chemical Industries (Far East)’s website after alleged interference.

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