Stake changes: Wilmar, Nanofilm, Metech, Chip Eng Seng, JEP

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Singapore substantial shareholder changes: Wilmar International, Nanofilm Technologies International, Metech International, Chip Eng Seng and JEP International.

Wilmar International

Teo La-Mei, Wilmar International‘s group legal counsel, company secretary and executive non-independent director, has exercised employee share options to subscribe for 155,000 shares at S$3.04 each, for a total S$471,200, according to a filing to SGX Friday.

The exercise increased her holding of Wilmar shares to 1.452 million from 1.297 million previously, or to 0.023 percent from 0.021 percent, the filing said.

Teo still holds 750,000 options, the filing said.

In a separate filing, Wilmar said it transferred 155,000 treasury shares for the option exercise.

Nanofilm Technologies International

Harrymore International transferred 19.49 million shares of Nanofilm Technologies International to certain shareholders of Harrymore International as consideration for redeeming their Harrymore International shares, according to a filing to SGX Friday.

Harrymore International’s direct interest in Nanofilm fell to 4.274 percent from 7.228 percent previously, the filing said.

Jin Xiao Qun, an assistant vice president of Nanofilm and the spouse of Nanofilm founder and Executive Chairman Shi Xu, holds more than 20 percent of Harrymore International, the filing said.

Accordingly, her total interest in Nanofilm declined to 5.819 percent from 8.773 percent, the filing said.

Shi Xu’s total interest in Nanofilm fell to 51.016 percent from 5.971 percent, the filing said.

Nanofilm Technologies is backed by Singapore state-owned investment company Temasek Holdings.

Metech International

Ng Eng TIong, who became a substantial shareholder of Metech International about a week ago, acquired 3 million shares of the company in the market on 29 December for S$1.07 million, taking his direct interest to 9.134 percent from 7.154 percent previously, according to a filing to SGX Friday.

Chip Eng Seng

Chia Lee Meng Raymond, executive director and group CEO of Chip Eng Seng, received 500,000 shares of the company on the vesting of share awards, taking his interest to 3.51 percent from 3.45 percent previously, according to a filing to SGX Friday.

Tan Tee How, executive director of Chip Eng Seng, received 300,000 shares on the vesting of share awards, for a 0.04 percent interest, a filing said. Tan did not hold any shares at the time of the award, the filing indicated.

JEP Holdings

Zee Hoong Huay, executive director of JEP Holdings and the co-founder and managing director of JEP Industrades, acquired 190,000 JEP Holdings shares in the market for S$28,217 on 20 December, according to a filing to SGX Friday.

The disclosure was late due to an “inadvertent oversight” on notifying the company, the filing said.

Zee did not hold any JEP Holdings shares at the time he made the acquisition, the filing indicated.


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