Executive moves: Keppel, ComfortDelGro, Hour Glass, Samurai 2K, HRnetGroup, Federal International

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Singapore companies announcing executive changes: Keppel Corp., ComfortDelGro, The Hour Glass, Samurai 2K Aerosol, HRnetGroup, Federal International (2000), ISDN Holdings and Singapore O&G.

Keppel Corp.

Keppel Corp. said Thursday it has re-designated Danny Teoh Leong Kay, age 66, to non-executive non-independent chairman from independent chairman previously, effective 1 January 2022, as he will no longer be considered independent after serving on the board for more than nine years. He was appointed in 2010, the company said.

A director who has served in the role for more than nine years won’t be considered independent unless approval is sought from shareholders in separate resolutions for all shareholders and all shareholders excluding those serving as directors or CEO, according to the Code of Corporate Governance 2018.

Teoh holds 104,825 shares of Keppel Corp., and 8,911 units of Keppel REIT, the company said in a filing to SGX.

Teoh was a director of DBS Group Holdings from October 2010 to 31 March 2020, the filing said.


ComfortDelGro said Thursday it appointed Lee Jee Cheng Philip, age 61, as independent non-executive director, effective 1 January 2022.

Lee has been a member of the governing council of Singapore Agro-Food Enterprises Federation from 2018 to the present and from October 2021 to the present, he has been a director of Tech For Good Institute, ComfortDelGro said in a filing to SGX. From 1995 to September 2018, Lee was also a partner at KPMG, the filing said.

He was also appointed a director to City Developments in January 2021, the filing said.

The Hour Glass

The Hour Glass said Thursday it would re-designate Kuah Boon Wee, age 55, to non-independent non-executive director from independent non-executive director and lead independent director, effective 1 January.

Lock Wai Han, an independent non-executive director, will assume the role of lead independent director, effective 1 January, the watch retailer said in a filing to SGX.

Samurai 2K Aerosol

Samurai 2K Aerosol said Thursday Sia Shu Yee, age 39, has tendered her resignation as chief financial officer of the company, effective 15 January 2022, to pursue career advancement.

She was appointed to the role in 2019, the company said in a filing to SGX.

Sia holds 175,100 shares and 717,000 share options in the company, the filing said.


HRnetGroup said Thursday it appointed Gao Yong (Wallace), age 47, as independent non-executive director, effective 1 January 2022.

Gao is the chairman and founder of Beijing Career International, the first HR service enterprise listed on China’s A-share market, and a “formidable player” in China’s recruitment process outsourcing and flexible staffing markets, HRnetGroup said in a filing to SGX.

“We hold Wallace in high regard for his business acumen and enterprising spirit, as well as his deep knowledge of the recruitment and staffing industry in China. We look forward to him contributing greatly towards the continued expansion of our business in China,” the filing said.

In addition, HRnetGroup said its Executive Director and Chief Legal Officer Adeline Sim has been appointed by the Minister of Education to the boards of SkillsFuture Singapore and of the Lifelong Learning Institute.

Federal International (2000)

Federal International (2000) said Thursday Koh Beng Guan, Don, age 48, would be re-designated as the deputy group CEO, and would step down as an executive director of the company, effective 1 January 2022.

Koh Beng Guan, Don, who holds a direct interest in 100,000 shares, was appointed to the executive director position in 2017, the company said in a filing to SGX.

He is responsible for the operations of Alton International (S), Alton International (Thailand), PT Fedsin Rekaayasa Pratama and other Indonesian subsidiaries of the group, the filing said.

Koh Beng Guan, Don is the son of Koh Kian Kiong, the executive chairman and CEO, and the brother of Maggie Koh, an executive director, the filing said.

The company, which was listed on SGX in 2000, is an integrated service provider and procurement specialist in the oil and gas and energy industries.

ISDN Holdings

ISDN Holdings said Thursday it promoted Tay Geok Kee, age 59, to chief technology officer from general manager of the software business, effective 1 January 2022.

Tay will be responsible for formulating and executing the growth strategy to scale up ISDN’s business and assist clients with digitalization, the company said in a filing to SGX.

Singapore O&G

Singapore O&G said Thursday Dr. Lee Keen Whye, age 68, would resign as executive director, effective 31 December, due to medical reasons. He was appointed to his position in 2011, SOG said.

Lee remains a specialist medical practitioner of the SOG Group, the company said in a filing to SGX.

He has a direct interest in 75.6 million shares of SOG, or 15.9 percent of the company, and a deemed interest of 6.1 million shares, or a 1.28 percent stake, the filing said.


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