KTL Global enters deals with Scarlett Supermarket and Shen Zhen Est Supply Chain

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KTL Global has entered separate deals with Shen Zhen EST Supply Chain Management and with Scarlett Supermarket, the Southeast Asian produce distributor said in filings to SGX late Friday.

Tianci Agritech, a wholly owned subsidiary of KTL Global, has entered into a two-year memorandum of understanding (MOU) for marketing and sales rights to Shen Zhen EST Supply Chain Management’s products and to establish supply-chain logistics support outside China, a filing said.

Under the deal, Tianci Agritech will provide marketing services and develop new sales channels for Shen Zhen EST Supply Chain Management, which specialises in supply-chain management of fresh produce, meat products and consumer products for export and import, KTL said.

Separately, KTL said Tianci Agritech entered an MOU with Scarlett Supermarket to explore opportunities in the wholesale consumer products business in Southeast Asia.

Under the deal, Tianci Agritech will provide a reliable source of consumer products to Scarlett Supermarket, including fresh and frozen food, snacks and packaged beverages, while Scarlett Supermarket will serve as a key distributor for Tianci Agritech in Southeast Asian markets, KTL said.

Scarlett is a Chinese specialty store with 10 outlets in Singapore and an online retail presence on e-commerce platforms, the filing said.

Separately, KTL said it is still undertaking due diligence on EBuy, which Tianci Agritech has entered a non-binding MOU to purchase 51 percent of. Under the MOU, Tianci Agritech will provide EBuy with products, while EBuy will provide warehousing and logistics supply chian network services for the products.

KTL Global operates in sales and distribution of fresh vegetable and fruit produce in Southeast Asia. The company also provides brand management services in China. In June 2021, KTL said it acquired Tianci Agritech for S$200,000.