Stake changes: AEM and Temasek, SPH, Suntec REIT, DHLT, iFAST and Q&M Dental

Suntec City mall in SingaporeSuntec City mall in Singapore; photo taken pre-Covid

Singapore substantial shareholder changes announced on Tuesday, 30 November 2021 and Wednesday, 1 December 2021: AEM Holdings and Temasek Holdings, SPH, Suntec REIT, Daiwa House Logistics Trust (DHLT), iFAST Corp. and  Q & M Dental Group (Singapore).

AEM Holdings and Temasek Holdings

Singapore state-owned investment company Temasek Holdings‘ deemed interest in AEM Holdings increased to 9.13 percent from 8.99 percent previously after its indirect wholly owned subsidiary Venezio Investments acquired 443,700 AEM shares in the market for S$2.25 million, according to a filing to SGX Tuesday.

AEM’s products include customized, application-specific semiconductor and electronics test and handling services for companies serving the advanced computing, 5G, and AI markets. The company’s manufacturing plants are located Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Finland and Vietnam.


Ng Yat Chung, the CEO of SPH, acquired 841,623 shares of the company for S$1.96 million on 30 November via the vesting of share awards, taking his stake to 0.071 percent from 0.019 percent previously, according to a filing to SGX early Wednesday.

Suntec REIT

Chow Wai Wai John, a non-executive director of Suntec REIT‘s manager, sold 1 million units of the REIT in the market at S$1.51 each on 29 November and another 1 million units at S$1.52 a unit on 30 November, divesting his entire holding in Suntec REIT, according to a filing to SGX Tuesday.

Daiwa House Logistics Trust

Tokyo-listed Daiwa House Industry, the sponsor of Daiwa House Logistics Trust, has completed its subscription to 94.50 million units of the trust, for an around 14 percent stake at S$0.80 a unit, according to a filing to SGX Tuesday. That represented an investment of around S$75.6 million, according to the trust’s prospectus.

Daiwa House Industry has also loaned 27 million units to DBS Bank in its role as the stabilizing manager to facilitate the settlement of overallotment of units, the filing Tuesday said. That represented a 4 percent stake, which Daiwa House Industry is deemed interested in, the filing said.

iFAST Corp.

Ng Loh Ken Peter, an independent director of iFAST Corp., sold 23,000 shares of the company for S$196,650 in a market transaction n 26 November, taking his interest to 0.1 percent from 0.108 percent previously, according to a filing to SGX Tuesday.

Q & M Dental Group (Singapore)

Ng Chin Siau’s interest in Q & M Dental Group (Singapore) increased to 53.94 percent from 53.55percent after he acquired 3.63 million shares of the company for S$2.34 million in the market on 29 November, according to a filing to SGX Tuesday.

In addition, Quan Min Holdings acquired 1.4 million shares of the company on 30 November for S$910,000, increasing Ng Chin Siau’s total interest to 54.09 percent, the filing said.

Ng, the founder and CEO of Q & M Dental, is deemed interested in the shares held by Quan Min, which is Q & M Dental’s parent company.

Ng is also deemed interested in 121,200 shares held by his spouse, Foo Siew Jiuan, the filing said.


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