UPDATE: Stake changes: Daiwa House Logistics Trust directors report stakes

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Singapore substantial shareholder change announced on Monday 29 November 2021: Daiwa House Logistics Trust.

This item was originally published on Monday, 20 November 2021 at 23:31 SGT; it has since been updated to add an item on DBS.

Eng Kuan Co. and Metro Holdings

Eng Kuan Co. reported Monday it has a 7.65 percent deemed interest in Daiwa House Logistics Trust, which made its debut on SGX on Friday.

Metro ARC Investments, a wholly owned subsidiary of Metro Holdings, holds 51.625 million units of Daiwa House Logistics Trust after subscribing as a cornerstone investor in the initial public offering (IPO), according to a filing to SGX Monday.

Eng Kuan holds 22.8 percent of Metro Holdings, making it deemed interested in those units.

Ong Ling Ling, Ong Ching Ping, Ong Jenn and Ong Sek Hian are substantial shareholders of Eng Kuan and are also deemed interested in the units, the filing said.

Hazelview Securities

Hazelview Securities, a cornerstone investor in Daiwa House Logistics Trust’s IPO, reported Monday it acquired 43.85 million units for S$35.08 million for a 6.5 percent stake.

Tan Jeh Wuan

Tan Jeh Wuan, the chairman and independent non-executive director of Daiwa House Logistics Trust’s (DHLT) manager, reported Monday he acquired 300,00 units of the trust in the placement for S$0.80 each for a 0.044 percent interest.

Tan Juay Hiang

Tan Juay Hiang, an independent non-executive director of DHLT’s manager, reported Monday he acquired 150,000 units for S$0.80 each in the placement tranche of the IPO, for a 0.022 percent interest.


DBS reported Monday it acquired 268,000 units of Daiwa House Logistics Trust in the market at S$0.80 on Monday, acting in its role as the stabilising manager for the initial public offering (IPO).


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