Stake changes: KORE, Geo Energy, Mercurius Capital, Q&M Dental, Vibropower, Digilife

Keppel Pacific Oak US REIT‘s Maitland Promenade I in Orlando, Florida. Source: the company.Keppel Pacific Oak US REIT’s Maitland Promenade I in Orlando, Florida. Source: the company.

Singapore substantial shareholder changes announced on Thursday, 25 November 2021: Keppel Pacific Oak US REIT (KORE), Geo Energy Resources, Mercurius Capital Investment, Q & M Dental Group (Singapore), Vibropower and Digilife Technologies.

Keppel Pacific Oak US REIT

Peter McMillan III, the chairman, non-executive and non-independent director of Keppel Pacific Oak US REIT Management, the manager of Keppel Pacific Oak US REIT (KORE), saw his deemed interest in the REIT decline to 0.76 percent from 0.84 percent previously after the REIT’s manager disposed of 850,000 units earlier this week, according to a filing to SGX Thursday.

KORE Pacific Advisors is deemed to have an interest in the units held by Keppel Pacific Oak US REIT Management, as it holds 50 percent of the manager, the filing said. As McMillan holds one-third of KORE Pacific Advisors, he is deemed interested in the manager’s units, the filing said.

In addition Keppel Capital Holdings, which is deemed interested in KORE units held by its wholly owned subsidiary Keppel Capital Investment Holdings (KCIH) and its 50 percent-owned joint venture Keppel Pacific Oak US REIT Management, saw its interest fall to 6.926 percent from 7.008 percent previously, according to a separate filing to SGX.

Keppel Corp.’s deemed interest in KORE also fell by the same amount as Keppel Capital Holdings is its wholly owned subsidiary, the filing said.

Geo Energy Resources

Lu King Seng, an independent director of Geo Energy Resources, sold 300,000 shares of the company in a market transaction for S$85,500 on 23 November, taking his stake down to 0.11 percent from 0.13 percent previously, according to a filing to SGX Thursday.

On 24 November, he sold 300,000 shares in the market for S$88,500, lowering his interest to 0.08 percent, the filing said.

Mercurius Capital Investment

Chang Wei Lu, CEO of Mercurius Capital Investment, acquired 4.625 million shares for S$327,875 in a market transaction on 23 November, increasing his stake to 25.72 percent from 25.37 percent previously, according to a filing to SGX Thursday.

On 24 November, he acquired 3.988 million shares for S$275,172 in the market, taking his stake up to 26.02 percent, the filing said.

The company is an investment holding company focused on development and investment in hotel resort properties in Thailand; it currently has the Sheraton Phuket Grand Bay Resort under development.

Q & M Dental Group (Singapore)

Ng Chin Siau’s deemed interest in Q & M Dental Group (Singapore) increased to 52.74 percent from 52.6 percent after Quan Min Holdings acquired 1.3 million shares of the company on 24 November for S$772,500, according to a filing to SGX.

Ng is also deemed interested in 121,200 shares held by his spouse, Foo Siew Jiuan, the filing said.

Quan Min is Q & M Dental’s parent company; Ng is Q & M’s founder and CEO.


Chng Beng Hock sold 173,000 shares of Vibropower in the market at S$0.06 a share, taking his total interest down to 8.732 percent from 8.966 percent previously, according to a filing to SGX Thursday.

Digilife Technologies

Spice Bulls reported Thursday it has a deemed interest in 1.48 million shares of Digilife Technologies, or a 10.96 percent stake, to be acquired at the market price, after entering an agreement to buy the shares from Smart Bharat. Once the deal is completed, the 10.96 percent stake will be considered a direct interest, according to a filing to SGX.

The deal has increased Spice Bulls’ total interest in Digilife Technologies to 16.16 percent from 5.2 percent previously, the filing said.

Digilife Technologies, formerly known as Sevak, operates in Indonesia’s telecom segment, mainly as an authorized distributor of prepaid mobile cards for major telcos as well as selling mobile devices via its retail shops. Digilife offers consultancy on maintenance and disaster recovery services as well as big data, networking and data hosting services. The company also manages a commercial electric-vehicle fleet in conjunction with ride-hailing service Grab, according to its website.


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