Dyna-Mac ties up with NUS to secure grant for low-carbon energy research

Dyna-Mac Holdings said Wednesday it has collaborated with the National University of Singapore to get a grand under the low-carbo energy research funding initiative.

“This grant is awarded to support the development and demonstration of projects on low-carbon energy technology solutions. The group will be working closely with NUS as an industry collaborator,” Dyna-Mac said in a filing to SGX.

The project is aimed at improving the process for methane pyrolysis, which separates natural gas or methane into hydrogen gas and solid carbon, the filing said, adding the research aims to achieve the process with zero carbon dioxide emission.

The potential benefit would be a pathway to producing low-carbon hydrogen in Singapore, which can reduce the cost of production while producing valuable carbon products simultaneously, Dyna-Mac said.

“The group is currently pursuing opportunities in the global hydrogen and ammonia market, which is adjacent to its core capabilities. In connection with the above, the group is looking to tap its modular construction capabilities to the fabrication of hydrogen modules,” Dyna-Mac said.