Singapore stocks to watch Wednesday: Parkway Life REIT, Thakral, China Jinjiang Environment, Halcyon Agri

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The stocks to watch item will go on hiatus after Friday, 6 December 2019.

These are Singapore companies which may be in focus on Wednesday, 4 December 2019: Parkway Life REIT, Thakral, China Jinjiang Environment, Zheneng Jinjiang Environment, Halcyon Agri, Q&M Dental, Accrelist and Parkson Retail Asia.

Parkway Life REIT

Parkway Life REIT has entered a deal to acquire three nursing rehabilitation facilities in Japan from K. K. Habitation, Fuyo Shoji Kabushiki Kaisha and Medical Corporation Shojinka for 3.7 billion yen, or around S$46.3 million, the healthcare-focused REIT said in a filing to SGX Tuesday.

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Thakral Corp.’s GemLife joint venture has entered a deal to acquire 46.4 hectares of land in Queensland, Australia, to develop a lifestyle resort for people over age 50, the Singapore-listed company said in a filing to SGX Tuesday.

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China Jinjiang Environment and Zheneng Jinjiang Environment

After receiving shareholder approval, China Jinjiang Environment’s name has been changed to Zheneng Jinjiang Environment, effective 25 November, the company said in a filing to SGX Tuesday.

The name change follows Zheneng Group’s acquisition of a 29.79 percent stake in the company from Jinjiang Green Energy in August, the filing said.

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Halcyon Agri

Halcyon Agri’s plantation management arm, Corrie MacColl, has entered a collaboration with non-governmental organization (NGO) APIFED to launch a community engagement program in Cameroon, targeting the area around the Sudcam plantation, to directly engage with the Baka and Bantu communities, the rubber producer said in a filing to SGX Tuesday.

“The engagement mechanism comes as the latest advancement in Corrie MacColl’s development of a truly sustainable source of natural rubber from their Cameroon operations – a solution hoped to be mirrored across an industry in dire need of positive change,” Halcyon Agri said.

“In November 2018, Corrie MacColl ceased all further development and land clearing in Cameroon, as well as establishing a 25,000-hectare Community Forest within Sudcam’s central concession, permanently protecting the land and giving land rights and benefits to the local communities,” it added.

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Q&M Dental

Q&M Dental said Tuesday it has launched a new clinic at EkoCheras Mall in Kuala Lumpur, and it will use an AI system to prevent misdiagnosis through automatic radiographic interpretation and form automated treatment plans from current best practices.

“Q&M hopes that by introducing AI technology, more people will be encouraged and feel confident to get regular dental checkups to keep their dental and oral healthcare in check,” the company said in a filing to SGX.

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Accrelist’s wholly owned subsidiary Accrelist Medical Aesthetics (BM) entered a deal to acquire 49 percent of Ozhean Accrelist Aesthetics for 490,000 Malaysian ringgit, the Singapore-listed company said in a filing to SGX Tuesday.

Malaysia-based Ozhean, which has a net asset value of 860,646 ringgit, mainly engages in cosmetic dermatology and skin laser services, and also offers physiotherapy, chiropractic and speech therapy, the filing said.

“Although the company notes that the amount paid for the Ozhean shares is a premium to its current net asset value, it is of the opinion that the consideration is reasonable, due to the fact that the difference results from the start-up costs incurred by Ozhean. Further, the company is of the view that the value of the Ozhean Shares will increase once Ozhean commences its operations,” Accrelist said.

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Parkson Retail Asia

Parkson Retail Asia said Tuesday the company has been notified by SGX it would be put on the watch-list after a notice of three consecutive years’ losses.

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