SATS enters deal with Sembcorp Industries to improve sustainability, install solar panels

SATS Gateway Services bus at Changi AirportSATS Gateway Services bus at Changi Airport

SATS has entered a memorandum of understanding with Sembcorp Industries to develop services to reduce the aviation caterer’s environmental footprint across multiple facilities, the two companies said in a statement filed to SGX Tuesday.

The tie-up is aimed at helping SATS reach its goal of an 80 percent reduction in its carbon footprint by 2030, the companies said.

Under the deal, Sembcorp will install, own and operate rooftop solar panels with a combined capacity of around 7.8 megawatt-peak atop SATS Airfreight Terminals 1 to 4, both of SATS’ inflight catering centers and the SATS Maintenance Workshop, the statement said.

The project will pilot the use of co-generation solar panels, a new technology which can use both sunlight and heat to produce electricity and hot water, SATS and Sembcorp said. If the pilot is successful, the technology will be expanded to future SATS locations needing both resources, the filing said.

SAT and Sembcorp jointly developed solar energy systems on the rooftops of SATS Airfreight Terminals 5 and 6 at Changi Airport in 2016, the filing said.

SATS will get 12.4 percent of its energy consumption from renewable sources once the new systems are installed, the filing said. That’s expected to reduce 4.1 million kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions a year, or the equivalent of taking 887 cars off the road annually, the companies said.

In addition, SATS and Sembcorp said they will explore trucking liquefied natural gas (LNG) to SATS and then regasifying it to power boilers at SATS’ inflight catering centers at Changi Airport.

LNG is a cleaner fuel than diesel and creates 24 percent lower carbon emissions, the company said.

Sembcorp and SATS also plan to look into providing treatment for wastewater recycling.

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