China Jinjiang Environment taps new executive chairman, chief financial officer

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China Jinjiang Environment named on Thursday a new executive chairman, a new chief financial officer and a chief engineer in the wake of Zhejiang Energy Group’s acquisition of a 29.79 percent stake in the waste-to-energy operator.

Wei Dongliang was appointed executive chairman and a member of the nominating committee, effective Wednesday, China Jinjiang Environment said in a filing to SGX.

Wei served as deputy general manager of Zhejiang Zheneng Lanxi Power Generation from 2006 to 2010 and then served on the boards of more than 10 power companies under the Zheneng Group from 2011 to 2017, the filing said. He also served as the general manager of Zheneng Capital Holdings and Zheneng Equity Investment Fund Management until this month, the filing said.

Jin Ruizhi was also appointed as chief financial officer, replacing Xu Yongqiang, who resigned due to age, the filing said, noting Xu is 68 years old.

“Jin Ruizhi has 27 years of experience in accounting and financial management in the energy industry and has held roles in the power and petroleum divisions of Zheneng Group,” the filing said.

Qi Liang was named as the company’s chief engineer, China Jinjiang said, adding he has 26 years of experience in production, technology and infrastructure management in the energy industry.

Wang Yuanluo has steeped down as non-executive, non-independent chairman after 15 years with China Jinjiang Environment, the company said.

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