Basslink interconnector to return to service earlier than expected

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Basslink’s interconnector is expected to return to service on 30 September, two weeks ahead of expectations, after being out of service since 24 August, the company, which is part of Keppel Infrastructure Trust’s (KIT) portfolio, said Wednesday.

The early resumption of service “is a credit to our repair team, who continue to work around the clock and has demonstrated their unwavering commitment to get the electricity interconnector back online as soon as possible,” Malcolm Eccles, chief executive of Basslink, said in a statement KIT filed to SGX.

The Basslink cable bundle responsible for energy transmission includes a high-voltage direct current cable, a low-voltage metallic return and a fiber optic cable, the statement said.

A failure in the low voltage cable had caused the system to trip, with the issue located in an above-ground section in the transition station in Gifford, Victoria, Basslink said. The 230 mile Basslink interconnector runs from Gippsland, Victoria, to Bell Bay in Northern Tasmania.

The telecom cable, which provides broadband services to internet service providers, had continued to operate, Basslink said.

In a separate statement filed to SGX, KIT said the development wasn’t expected to have a material financial impact on the net tangible asset per unit and distribution per unit for the current financial year.

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