Singapore Airlines group carried 7 percent more passengers in August

Singapore Airlines aircraft taken from terminal windows in August 2018.Singapore Airlines aircraft taken from terminal windows in August 2018.

Singapore Airlines group carried 3.13 million passengers in August, up 6.5 percent on-year, as capacity, measured in available seat-kilometers, grew 5.6 percent, the carrier said in a filing to SGX Monday.

The group’s passenger load factor (PLF) rose 1.2 percentage points on-year to 86.4 percent in August, SIA said.

The Singapore Airlines brand carrier’s PLF improved 1.5 percentage points on-year to 86.3 percent, while passenger carriage, measured in revenue passenger-kilometers, increased 8.1 percent on-year, outpacing the 6.2 percent capacity injection, SIA said. Singapore Airlines carried 1.92 million passengers in August, up 7.6 percent on-year, SIA said.

“Apart from the marginal declines in East Asia and Americas, PLF improved for all route regions,” the filing said.

For SilkAir, systemwide passenger carriage edged up 0.4 percent, while capacity fell 1.9 percent, SIA said, adding the PLF increased 1.8 percentage points to 81.2 percent on improvements across all route regions.

SilkAir carried 421,000 passengers in August, up 0.5 percent on-year, SIA said.

“Route transfers to Scoot and the withdrawal of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 fleet from service affected SilkAir’s capacity,” SIA said.

Scoot’s passenger carriage rose 6.1 percent on-year, outpacing a 5.7 percent capacity injection, SIA said. The carrier’s PLF improved by 0.3 percentage point to 88.6 percent, the filing said.

“PLF improved for West Asia and Rest of World, while East Asia’s PLF declined as traffic did not keep pace with changes in capacity. Services to Quanzhou were suspended from 24 August 2019 due to a combination of weak demand and shortage of aircraft resource,” SIA said.

Scoot carried 977,000 passengers in August, up 7.1 percent on-year, SIA said.

The cargo load factor dropped 6 percentage points, on declines across all route regions, amid a 10.2 percent fall in cargo traffic, which outpaced a 0.8 percent capacity contraction, SIA said.

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