Tiong Seng lands S$131 million contract to develop Club Street hotel

Singapore two-dollar bills

Tiong Seng Holdings landed a construction contract valued at S$130.5 million to develop a 20-storey hotel at Club Street for Midtown Development, which is part of Worldwide Hotels Group, the Singapore-listed developer said Tuesday in a filing to SGX.

The project includes constructing the 20-storey hotel with shops and restaurants on the ground level, 19 storeys of hotel accommodation, a basement level carpark and an underground pedestrian link with both retail and restaurant outlet space, the filing said.

Tiong Seng expects to take possession of the site this month.

The project will use a full concrete prefabricated, prefinished volumetric construction (PPVC) method, with concrete modules produced offsite at Tiong Seng’s production facility before being assembled on-site, the filing said.

“Located in close proximity to the Central Business District, this development will allow us to showcase our diversified product offering, quality of workmanship and ability to complete projects of varying complexity, uses and scale,” Pek Lian Guan, CEO of Tiong Seng, said in the statement. “As a first-of-its-kind hotel in Singapore to be built using a fully concrete PPVC method, this project will continue to elevate our position as an industry leader in harnessing cutting-edge construction solutions.”

The addition of the project has raised the construction order book size to around S$753 million through 2023, the filing said.

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