Sunpower lands more than 30 million yuan contract from Fujian Gulei Petrochemical

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Sunpower Group obtained a more than 30 million yuan (S$5.96 million or US$4.36 million) contract from new customer Fujian Gulei Petrochemical for manufacturing and services, the Singapore-listed environmental services company said in a filing to SGX Thursday.

Under the contract, Sunpower will supply rod baffle heat exchangers for an Ethylene Oxide/Ethylene Glycol  unit at the Gulei Refinery and Chemical Integration Project, the filing said.

Delivery of the contract is expected to be completed in 2020, with a positive impact on Sunpower’s performance in 2019 and 2020, the filing said.

“With this win, we are pleased to establish our inaugural cooperation with Fujian Gulei Petrochemical. It is a strong testament to Sunpower’s track record in supplying equipment and services to large-scale refinery and chemical integration projects,” Guo Hongxin, executive chairman of Sunpower, said in the statement.

Fujian Gulei Petrochemical, a large-scale chemical company, is a joint venture between Fujian Petrochemical and a Taiwan petrochemical enterprise, the filing said.

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