Oxley Holdings in contract to sell part of Dublin Landings in Ireland

Euro coinsPhoto by Leslie Shaffer

Oxley Holding said Wednesday its wholly owned subsidiary Oxley Docklands Quay Three (ODQ3) and National Asset North Quays (NANQ) have entered a contract to sell part of Dublin Landings in Ireland to GECR DL PROPCO B.V. for 154.6 million euros (S$234.93 million or US$172.29 million).

GECR DL PROPCO has agreed to buy 268 residential apartments and 210 car parking spaces at blocks B and E Dublin Landings, 72-80 North Wall Quay, Dublin 1, Oxley said in a filing to SGX.

ODQ3 will Ge84 percent of the purchase price, with NANQ taking the remainder, the filing said.

The completion of the sale will take place progressively starting from November and running through June 2020 as the blocks reach completion, the filing said.

In January, Oxley said ODQ3 and NANQ entered a letter of agreement with Greystar Europe Holdings for the sale. Greystar Europe and GECR DL PROPCO share an address in the Hague.

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