Silverlake Axis obtains four software upgrade contracts and two digital platform contracts

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Silverlake Axis obtained two contracts to delivery digital platforms for financial services in Malaysia, and four software upgrade contracts, the company said in two filings to SGX Wednesday.

The first digital-platform contract was from a fund institution and was to modify their e-services with a digital platform accessible via mobile devices and the internet, Silverlake said, adding it would support fund members’ activities such as e-contributions and withdrawals.

The second digital-platform contract, from an established regional insurer, is to provide a digital insurance platform to consolidate and improve services for members, including policy servicing and claims, Silverlake said.

Both contracts will be delivered via wholly owned subsidiary Cyber Village, Silverlake said.

In a separate filing to SGX, Silverlake said it won four contracts to provide software upgrades, implementation and maintenance services to core banking and card customers.

The first software-upgrade contract is for an established Pakistan Islamic bank, and it calls for upgrading the bank’s existing Silverlake Symmetri Core Banking System to the latest version, the filing said.

The second software-upgrade contract is for a leading banking group in Central Europe to extend the maintenance and implementation services for their core-banking software, Silverlake said.

The remaining two contracts, one with a large Maldives bank and the other with a leading bank in Pakistan, are for upgrades to their Silverlake Symmetri OmniCard Solution Suite to the newest version, which allows offering new products and services to customers, as well as ensuring compliance with requirements for international card programs, Silverlake said.

Those four contracts will be delivered via wholly owned subsidiary Silverlake Symmetri (Singapore), the filing said.

All six contracts are expected to contribute positively to results for the current and future financial years, Silverlake said.

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