BreadTalk launches first Wu Pao Chun Bakery outlet in Singapore

BreadTalk outlet in Singapore; taken September 2018.BreadTalk outlet in Singapore; taken September 2018.

BreadTalk opened the first Wu Pao Chun Bakery outlet in Singapore, the bun maker said Friday.

The store, launched with award-winning Taiwanese baker Wu Pao Chun, had a soft launch on 31 May, with the renowned Lychee Rose Royale and Red Wine Longan breads selling out in six hours, according to a SGX filing.

The bakery imports the same ingredients from its home base in Taiwan and required the Singapore store’s baking staff to undergo six months of professional training in Taiwan, the filing said.

“Through my team’s close collaboration with BreadTalk Group’s Research and Development team, we created new flavors to pay tribute to
Singapore’s vibrant hawker food culture,” Wu said in the statement.

Wu and his team developed around 60 products for the Singapore store, including more than 10 regionally inspired new flavors, such as Coffee-C, Hainanese Chicken Fun, green curry bun Sawadee, tom-yum flavored bun TomYummy, and kaya-filled soft french bun Kaya Kebaya, the filing said.

“Coupled with BreadTalk Group’s strengths in brand development and store expansion, I believe that we can complement each other perfectly, to create a winning formula to bring the authentic Wu Pao Chun Bakery experience to consumers in Singapore,” said George Quek, founder and chairman of BreadTalk.

Previously, BreadTalk partnered with Wu Pao Chun to open two outlets in Shanghai, the filing said.

Wu won awards at the 2008 and 2010 Louis Lesaffre Cup in Paris for the Red Wine Longan and Lychee Rose Royale breads, respectively, the filing said.

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