China Everbright Water lands two projects in Jiangsu province

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China Everbright Water obtained two waste-water treatment projects in Jiangsu province with a total investment of around 503.6 million yuan (S$99.59 million or US$72.89 million), the water infrastructure company said in a filing to SGX Thursday.

The first project is the Jiangyin Lin’gang Economic Development Zone Xili Center Waste Water Treatment Plant and Ancillary Pipeline Network and Pumping Stations Project, or the Xili project, with an investment of US$70 million, or around 478 million yuan, the company said.

The Xili project is on a build-operate-transfer basis, with a concession period of 30 years, China Everbright Water said.

It includes the Xili Waste Water Treatment Plant phase I, a waste-water pipeline network of around 49 kilometers and nine ancillary waste water pumping stations, the filing said.

“With the rapid development of Lin’gang Economic Development Zone, Xili Project will meet the growing demand for waste water treatment
in the zone, and will better facilitate the zone to satisfy the requirements by relevant environmental protection policies and achieve sustainable development,” An Xuesong, executive director and CEO of China Everbright Water, said in the statement.

The second project is the Jiangyin Chengxi Waste Water Treatment Plant Reusable Water Project, with an investment of around 25.6 million yuan, China Everbright Water said.

This project’s discharged water will be used to replenish water in rivers within the plant, the filing said.

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