Keppel-Aibel consortium gets major renewable-energy contract

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A consortium of Keppel FELS and Aibel AS has obtained a major contract from TenneT Offshore, a grid operator in the Netherlands and Germany, to design, build and install a 900 megawatt offshore high voltage direct current (HVDC) converter station and an onshore converter station.

Keppel FELS, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Keppel Offshore & Marine, will have a share of the contract worth around S$560 million, Keppel said in a filing to SGX after the market close Tuesday.

“This is Keppel O&M’s first major project of this scale and extends our track record in supporting the renewable energy industry,” Chris Ong, CEO of Keppel O&M, said in the statement. “We see opportunities in this segment as the offshore renewables market is expected to increase significantly over time with increasing concerns over climate change.”

The consortium and its subcontractor, ABB (ASEA Brown Boveri) will also install and start-up operations of the offshore and onshore converter stations in Germany, the filing said.

The offshore converter station will be based on Aibel’s patented design and will have living quarters, a helideck and lifting cranes, the filing said.
The stations will provide grid connection for the offshore wind-power plants to transmit electricity to around a million German households, Keppel said.


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