ST Engineering electronics arm lands S$351 million in contracts in 4Q18

ST Engineering said on Monday that its electronics arm obtained S$351 million in contracts i the fourth quarter, for sevices in mobility, satellite communications, Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity and defense.

The segment’s order total for 2018 was S$2.19 billion, it said in a filing to SGX after the market close on Monday.

The contracts included one to supply a passenger information system for Shanghai Metro Line 14 and platform screen doors for Bangkok’s MRT line, it said.

In Singapore, it obtained contracts to supply communications systems for Circle Line Stage 6 and Thomson Line, and maintenance works on the expressway motoring and advisory system, with the projects to be completed progressively through 2020, the filing said.

ST Engineering’s electronics arm also joined the global SATis5G Consortium funded by the European Space Agency to promote integrating satellite technology into 5G networks in a cost-effective manner, it said.

It also tied-up with Kymeta to create a real-time communications hub for first responders to use in emergency situations and it supplied satellite-communications services to boost connectivity in remote and rural areas of Argentina, the filing said.

The electronics arm also was appointed for the Lamppost-as-a-Platform trial in Geylang and one-north business park in Buona Vista, in a trial that will use lampposts as bases for cameras tied to facial recognition software, as part of Singapore’s Smart Nation program, it said.

Other contracts included enabling nearly real-time management of urban water resources and smart street lighting in cities in New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, Israel and the U.S., with projects to be completed progressively through 2023, the filing said.

SP Group also selected ST Engineering’s AgilFence Perimeter Intrusion Detection System to provide stronger security infrastructure for 48 critical power substations, it said.

It also delivered the SkyArcher Counter Drone system to counter drone threats in Singapore’s airspace, and the segment also received contracts to deliver cybersecurity products, including data diodes and the DiskCrypt M10, the filing said.

ST Engineering’s electronics arm also obtained defense contracts for services including soldier optics, training and instrumentation systems, command, control, communications and computers (C4), which will be completed progressively through 2024, the filing said.


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