Creative Technology to accelerate plans to enter OEM market

Creative Technology said on Monday it would enter the OEM market to widen the market for its Super X-Fi sound products, noting it won 10 “best of” awards at the CES 2019 technology exhibition in Las Vegas.

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer, or a company which makes components for other companies’ products.

“This unprecedented sweep of awards amid overwhelmingly positive response from all the media attendees and OEM partners has accelerated our plans to enter the OEM market,” Sim Wong Hoo, CEO of Creative Technology, said in a statement.

“Many large OEM partners are pushing us to integrate Super X-Fi onto their products as soon as possible. This will be an exciting new phase for us, as the OEM market is potentially hundreds of times larger than the market for Creative’s Super X-Fi products,” he added.

The company’s Super X-Fi products use 3D sound for improved audio fidelity. Creative has said the headphones recreate the effect of a multi-speaker surround system.

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