Johor Bahru dentist in Q&M plans to appeal contempt conviction

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The Johor Bahru dentist who was found guilty of contempt in a Malaysian court in July for allegedly violating court orders in his dealings with Q&M Dental told Shenton Wire on Tuesday that he planned to appeal the conviction.

Q&M Dental had said in an SGX filing last week that Dr. Matthew Hong An Liang, who was a director and dentist at Q&M Johor, and his wife, Chong Lee Lee, who was a former Mrs. Malaysia Universe pageant winner and general manager of the Q&M Johor clinics, were found guilty of contempt of court for allegedly violating court orders which included injunctions against taking possession of Q&M property, being within 200 meters of Q&M’s Johor dental clinics, interfering with the company’s business or intimidating staff.

In July 2018, Hong was found guilty by the Johor Bahru High Court of 17 charges or acts of contempt, while Chong was found guilty of 16 charges or acts of contempt, Q&M said last week.

Hong said that Q&M was selectively making announcements in the more than two-year-long dispute, which he characterized as a business issue.

“It may be beneficial to them, but it’s harmful to my reputation,” Hong told Shenton Wire.

Hong added that despite previous allegations stemming from the dispute with Q&M, including an allegation of criminal force and a complaint to the Malaysian Dental Council, none has been proven or they have been dismissed.

Q&M Dental didn’t immediately return Shenton Wire’s emailed request for additional comment, which was sent outside of office hours on Tuesday.

In a filing to SGX in February of 2017, Q&M said that Hong and Chong allegedly breached agreements with the company, including allegedly transferring company funds to their personal accounts and allegedly setting up a competing business located behind one of the Q&M Johor clinics.

It added that in August, the High Court ruled the acts of contempt were “serious in nature,” and sentenced Hong 25,000 ringgit in fines and 50 months imprisonment if he defaulted.  Chong was fined 105,000 ringgit and 42 months imprisonments from she defaulted. They were also ordered to pay 40,000 ringgit for the company’s legal costs.

Q&M said last week “it was understood” that both paid their fines and avoided the custodial sentences.

The statement didn’t say whether the awarded legal costs were paid.

This article has been updated since its original publication. 

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