Sembcorp Industries ties up with EMA for pilot program on energy storage systems

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Sembcorp Industries said on Tuesday that it has tied up with Singapore’s Energy Market Authority (EMA) for a pilot program to deploy energy storage systems (ESS) in Singapore in a program known as Accelerating Energy Storage for Singapore, or ACCESS.

“Energy storage solutions can help counter the intermittency of renewable power sources and enhance the overall stability and resilience of the grid. They can also potentially allow consumers to optimise their peak demand and energy cost by taking more energy during off peak hours and storing it to use later, thus reaping savings on their power bills,” Sembcorp Industries said in a statement filed to SGX on Tuesday.

“Such solutions are currently not common in Singapore, but have been employed in other markets overseas,” it added.

Under the ACCESS program, Sembcorp will work with EMA to pilot using energy storage systems in the city-state, including exploring business models and facilitating regulatory and market approvals.

Sembcorp said the storage systems can work with its other power generation assets, including solar power and gas-fired generation. Potential applications included providing behind-the-meter clean energy services for electricity customers or a demonstration project to showcase energy technologies, it said.

“Energy storage is a critically important technology that is gaining momentum globally and will be a game changer especially in the clean energy space,” Neil McGregor, group president and CEO of Sembcorp, said in the statement.

“We see the inclusion of energy storage systems as a good complement to our growing renewable energy portfolio. We have invested in such systems overseas in the U.K., and are now excited to partner with EMA to apply the technology at home in Singapore, where we are one of the largest solar power players,” he added.

In a separate statement, EMA and Sembcorp said they renewed a S$10 million research and development tie-up, bringing the joint commitment to S$20 million so far.

The tie-up aims to encourage commercializing R&D solutions of strategic interest to Singapore, by providing researchers and companies the opportunity to develop new technologies that could be test-bedded at Sembcorp’s facilities, it said.

So far, the S$10 million in grants have been awarded to three R&D projects, with the aim of enhancing the efficiency of pipeline inspections using autonomous vehicles and automation, recovering low-grade waste heat and enhancing energy efficiency at industrial plans and automate plant boiler inspections, it said.


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