Creative Technology boasts of strong sales for its SXFI AMP dongle launch

Singapore two-dollar billsSingapore two-dollar bills

Creative Technology said on Wednesday it had “phenomenally strong” sales at the launch of its Super X-Fi online store and its new product, the SXFI AMP dongle on Monday.

“I’m truly blown away by the initial whirlwind sales reaction to the launch of the SXFI AMP. In barely 20 minutes we clocked in an amazing 600 units sold,” Sim Wong Hoo, CEO of Creative, said in the filing to SGX after the market closed on Wednesday.

“The sales period took place in the evening when people were busy commuting home from work. Of course these are initial launch numbers and have an element of pent up demand in it. It’s early days yet and we are just testing out the product in a small market like Singapore. You probably can’t expect this number to scale linearly at this initial phase,” he added.

In a not-quite apples-to-apples comparison, Sim noted that when Creative first launched the Sound Blaster card in 1989, it took four days to reach sales of 600 units at its launch at COMDEX 1989 in Las Vegas, while it went on to sell more than 400 million units.

The SXFI dongle uses an amplifier which provides maximum audio fidelity and can be used with studio-grade headphones, Creative has previously said. It was launched in Singapore first via its website, with worldwide delivery to start in November, Creative has previously said.

The SXFI AMP is priced at S$219, or US$149.99, it said.

The SXFI AIR Super X-Fi bluetooth headphones, designed for iOS users, available next quarter, Creative has previously said.

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