Parkway Life REIT says Japan facilities weren’t structurally affected by quake, typhoon

Parkway Life REIT said on Thursday that its Japan asset managers, operators and residents at its Japan healthcare facilities in Osaka, Hyogo and Hokkaido are accounted for with no reported injuries.

That was after the strong Typhoon Jebi, which hit western Japan on Tuesday, and a 6.7 magnitude earthquake which hit Hokkaido on Thursday, it said in a filing to SGX after the market close on Thursday.

Parkway Life REIT owns 46 properties in Japan, with 16 of them in the affected prefectures, it noted.

“Investigations by our Japan asset managers indicated that our properties remain operational and none of our properties has been structurally affected,” Parkway Life REIT said.

“PLife REIT wishes to assure unitholders that all of our Japan properties comply with strict seismic safety standards, and are covered by fire, earthquake, volcanic eruption and tsunami insurance,” it added.

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